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Character Traits of the Month

September- Caring and Friendship
Showing understanding of others by treating them with kindness, compassion, generosity, and a forgiving spirit.  
October- Respect and Alertness
Showing consideration for self, others, property, rules, and people in authority through words and actions.
November- Responsibility and Hard Work
Being accountable for one's own actions and choices without blaming others.
December- Gratitude and Team Spirit
Being thankful for what we have and kindnesses shown to us.  Valuing special people and things in our lives.
January- Fairness and Cooperation
Recognizing and respecting the opinions and practices of people different than ourselves.  When conflict arises, learning to accept and forgive each other in order to promote equity and peace. 
February- Citizenship and Loyalty
The expectation that everyone behaves in a way that has a positive impact 
The expectation that everyone behaves in a way that has positive impact on the school, the family, and the community. 
March- Self Control and Fitness
Control of your actions and emotions-being aware of the thoughts, feelings, and desires of yourself and others, then making an appropriate choice about how to behave.
April- Perseverance and Determination
Following through with a task and not giving up even when the task is difficult.
May- Integrity and Confidence
Having the courage to do what is right, even when it is difficult and no one is watching.
June- Courage and Personal Best
To have the confidence to meet a challenge without giving into fear.